1986 Manuel Reyes cedar blanca (Cordoba)

2015 Graciliano Perez blanca (Cordoba)

1989 Stephen Hill blanca (Lewes, England / La Herradura, Spain)

Mics: AKG/Norbert Pape C12 (Stephen Paul mod), Neumann u87 (Stephen Paul mod), Neumann TLM170R, Pair Neumann km84, Pair Neumann km184, Pair AKG 451e with ck28 capsules, Blue B4 and B7 capsules, AKG C460, Beyerdynamic M201 and M88, Neumann kms105, Shure SM57 & SM58, more…

Mic Pres: API 512, Millennia HV-3, Crane Song Syren, Vintech 273, Langevin Dual Mono Mic Pre, Wunder PEQ-1, 2X Radial Power Pre, 4X Neotek Series 1e, Neotek Series 3, Presonus MP20 (modded), Neve Portico

Compressors: Purple Audio MC77, Crane Song STC8, Empirical Labs DocDerr 2x FMR RNC

Reverb: Lexicon PCM 92

Console: Neotek Series 1

DAW: Pro Tools HD Native with Avid HD i/o interface and UAD Octo Card. Plugins from UAD, Wave Arts, Slate, McDSP and more.

I got interested in recording while at Berklee, where I would hang around the studios and try to figure out how stuff worked. I interned at an early Pro Tools studio (which actually used Logic but billed itself as a Pro Tools studio…) in the late 90’s in Boston and learned the basics.

Now I operate Universal Exports studio (and UnivEx, the evil arm of Universal Exports) in Hollywood and I’ve recorded and produced hundreds of videos for Guitar Salon International (GSI). At GSI I’ve probably recorded more different guitars than anyone in the world (you can see some videos here), including some insanely rare guitars built by Torres, Hauser, Rodriguez, Santos Hernandez, Esteso, you name it.

Though a private studio, Universal Exports has become a home to songwriters from around the world who come to write in LA, and we’ve even had some big-budget productions in the studio these past few years, including Gin Wigmore, Hollywood Undead, Haley Reinhart and more. Producer/Engineer Sean Gould takes care of the pop and rock side of things.

I’m happiest recording guitars and other acoustic instruments, though. I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to record so many great guitars and players through GSI and like to think I’ve figured out how to capture the best a player and their guitar have to give.