New Flamenco Video – Al Aire

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Check out this video from the CD release show at the Baked Potato in LA. It’s my tune Al Aire from the new flamenco CD Contra Tiempo and features Joey Heredia on drums and Ric Fierabracci on bass, with Manuel Gutierrez dancing a bit at the end and the great singer Jose Cort├ęs (sitting this one out but pitching in on palmas). Huge thanks to Tara Stewart for directing and editing the video!

This is a pretty simple tune I kicked around for ages before finally recording with the trio. It started out as a Solea that didn’t want to stay slow, so it went through a bunch of permutations until we did a dance show with Briseyda Zarate and her company – Joey Heredia was on that gig as well as singer Jesus Montoya – and she choreographed a beautiful piece, which meant I had to sort of solidify the arrangement. The title was born during that show, too. Someone asked me where the capo went for this tune and I said Al Aire (no capo) and someone else thought I was saying the name of the tune, so that’s what went into the program and that’s the name that stuck.

The end product was basically a Buleria that for some reason made sense to guys who don’t play flamenco. Doesn’t hurt that there’s a straight-up solo section in the middle there. Once a year I sit in with Joey heredia on his World Bass class at the LA College of Music when he tries to explain flamenco to his students in just a couple of hours and we always use this tune as a way to get them to learn the groove.

Anyway, I’m really happy to finally have a video of this tune and especially happy that Joey and Ric are on it since I’ve played this tune with them more than with anyone, and of all the tunes on the new record it really needs the trio to sound the way I want it to. Plus, you know, Ric’s solo.