Flamenco Explained – Book, iPhone App and Website


Kai Narezo of Flamenco Explained

I’m super excited to finally announce my new book, website and iPhone app, all called Flamenco Explained. This project has been a labor of love as I’ve looked for ways to share my 30 years of experience … Read the rest

KN Trio at the Baked Potato


I’ll be back at the Baked Potato on March 19 with my trio – Joey Heredia on drums and Rufus Philpot on bass – with guest dancer Estefanía Narvaez and singer Antonio de Jerez.

You can buy tickets in advance Read the rest

New Flamenco Video – Al Aire


Check out this video from the CD release show at the Baked Potato in LA. It’s my tune Al Aire from the new flamenco CD Contra Tiempo and features Joey Heredia on drums and Ric Fierabracci on bass, with Manuel … Read the rest

Berklee Today Rumba Article


I just had an article published in the Summer, 2016 issue of Berklee Today magazine called Rumba: A Gateway to Flamenco about rumba patterns for the right hand. The article includes a bit of context about flamenco in general, but … Read the rest

Contra Tiempo CD Review by Dr. Jazz



Another nice review – this one from ‘Doc’ Wendell over at Dr.JazzDotLive.

By Devon “Doc” Wendell – Dr. Jazz

I always seem to hear about the great guitarists on the scene before anything else. This might have to … Read the rest

Contra Tiempo CD Review by Chalaura.com


So the first review for the new CD Contra Tiempo came from Spain’s Chalaura.com where you’ll find interviews and reviews of all the good flamenco going on in Spain. Really nice review from Pablo San Nicasio, who came out to … Read the rest

CD Release Show at the Baked Potato



Had such a great time at the CD release show last night at the Baked Potato – the place was sold out and the vibe was great. Joey Heredia and Ric Fierabracci killed it on drums and bass, Sean Gould … Read the rest

The New CD is Done!


Contra Tiempo Kai Narezo Flamenco Guitar

I’m super happy to announce that Contra Tiempo, my new CD, is done!

It features an LA crew on some of the tracks and a Madrid crew on the other, plus one solo guitar track – my Granaina ‘Elegia’. The … Read the rest

Conde blanca at GSI



Here’s a new video of me and Joey Heredia, who plays drums on my new CD Contra Tiempo (out soon!), messing around at Guitar Salon, playing a bit of bulerias and tangos. I got to play a new Felipe Conde Read the rest

Del Viento – Bulerias


ricHere's a video of Del Viento, one of the bulerias from the new CD, that we shot at a tracking session at Joey Heredia's studio in Burbank. Features Ric Fierabracci on bass and Joey Heredia on drums. The video was

Read the rest

Goings On at Universal Exports


Universal Exports Studio

We’ve had some cool stuff going on at Universal Exports, my little studio in Hollywood. On the pop/rock side Sean Gould wrote, produced, recorded and mixed most of Hollywood Undead’s ‘Day of the Dead’ album (and I even played … Read the rest

New Project for 2015!


I’m currently mixing my next CD, which will be a trio recording with jazz heavies Ric Fierabracci and Joey Heredia. I’ve been working with Joey for the past five or six years, and when Ric came to see us … Read the rest

Video – ‘Elegía’


My good friend Tara Shot this video of me playing my Granaina called ‘Elegía’.… Read the rest

New Flamenco Videos



I shot a few videos over at Guitar Salon last week – one trying out a new Ethan Deutsch blanca (I play some guajiras I’ve been writing for dance) and another is a bulerias lesson that breaks down a couple … Read the rest

Soleá Lesson out on iPad app


Now you can get my lesson on Soleá as well as my ‘Intro to Flamenco’ lesson, which covers Tangos, on the ‘On The Path’ app for your iPad. You can check out the app here. My Soleá lesson covers all … Read the rest

Gear Reviews



I’ve been doing some gear reviews over on the GSI Blog lately, including the L. R. Baggs Anthem SL Classical pickup, Apogee’s new USB/iPhone/iPad microphone and the BAM Hightech Guitar Case. I’m not a big proponent of pickups … Read the rest

Some More Flamenco Videos


Here are a couple more flamenco videos I shot recently at Guitar Salon, with the help of percussionist Kassandra Kocoshis on cajón. The first video is of me playing Miguel Angel Cortés’ Buleria ‘Raquel’ on a 2005 Manuel Reyes (hijo) … Read the rest

First Lesson Out on ‘On The Path’ iPad App


They’ve just released my first lesson on the very cool ‘On The Music Path’ iPad app. It’s an intro to flamenco lesson that covers a lot of intro techniques including scales, arpeggios, alzapua and a lot of rasqueados, all in … Read the rest

Learn Flamenco on Your iPad


I just finished shooting the first in a series of flamenco lessons for the ‘On The Path’ app for the iPad. The technology is pretty amazing – you can slow things down, skip around, loop any part of the lesson, … Read the rest

Recording Primer



I’ve been writing a series of articles for the Guitar Salon Blog on recording. They’re geared towards novices for the most part, but they cover a lot of material from the basics of computer recording (software, interfaces, how that all … Read the rest

Recording the De La Chica


Ever since I got my new guitar (new to me – it’s a 1962 Manuel De La Chica) I’ve been trying to find the right mic for recording it, and now that I start tracking in a few weeks with … Read the rest