Kai Narezo
Head Flamencat

It’s always an honor to play with these cats, and every now and then I get to lead them. Some of them have known me since before I could read a chart, and all of them know I still can’t write a good chart. Is there such a thing as a good chart?


Tuti Fernández
Electric Guitar - Madrid

Tuti produced Contra Tiempo and my first CD, Vueltas, and he played the electric guitar solo on the tune Flamencats. I’ve been playing with him since we met at Berklee in 1997. Tuti does it all – he tours with huge pop and flamenco acts in Spain as a guitarist, he has his own flamenco fusion project ‘Herencia de Flamenco y Jazz‘, he produces records and even makes award-winning movies somehow.

Jorge Perez Gonzalez
Percussion - Madrid

Jorge is another Berklee cat, but I met him when he was in LA to do something or other related to his amazing Bottom Percussion videos. Jorge is an amazing percussionist and arranger and his band Patáx is killing and will probably take over the world some day.

Albert Anguela Rosell
Bass - Madrid

I’ve been playing with Albert since we met at Berklee around 1998, and he also played on my first CD, Vueltas. In addition to flamenco Albert is a great jazz, pop and fusion player, and you’ll also find him playing with singer-songwriters all over Madrid. Albert is smarter than most of us, and definitely has more interesting facial hair.

Joey Heredia
Drums - Los Angeles

If you play music in LA you know Joey, or at least you know of him. Joey has been my partner in crime here in LA for the past seven or eight years. If you get a chance to catch his legendary trio with Marco Mendoza and Renato Neto don’t miss it. He’s one of the best drummers around and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Ric Fierabracci
Bass - Los Angeles

Ric’s just a monster bass player and I’m just glad that when I say he’s played with everyone I’m now included on that list (which makes me someone?). Ric can hold it down, make the bass sing, or somehow do both at the same time. I always play better when I play with Ric.

Sean Gould
Electric Guitar - Los Angeles

Sean helped produce and mixed Contra Tiempo, and he sits in on electric from time to time. Sean’s one of the best guitarists you probably don’t know you’ve heard. He’s played with, recorded, mixed or produced records by Katy Perry, Blues Traveler, Hollywood Undead, Haley Reinhart and tons more. Sean works out of Universal Exports studio.

Manuel Gutierrez

Manuel has danced and created choreography for some of the biggest names in flamenco and pop. He’s one of the best dancers in the country and I’m glad to be able to work with him from time to time.

Antonio De Jerez

Antonio was born into a flamenco family in Jerez de la Frontera and came to the US in 1977. Since then has sung with pretty much anyone who is anyone in the US flamenco scene. He writes his own letras, has got amazing palmas, and he’s got jokes for days.